Nuka Cola - Digital Art
Nuka 700

This is a poster concept for the game Fallout. Inspired by the vintage coca-Cola advertisements of the 1950’s, this piece takes one of those rosy-cheeked ladies and puts her in a Vault 101 Jumpsuit. With a Nuka-Cola in one hand and a Mole Rat in the other, this fine gal will sure to settle nicely in the Wasteland.

I’ve always been a fan of retro ads, and Coke ads were king. So much fun and joy, it makes me want to drink some fine sugar water. The most notable of these Coke Illustrators was Haddon Sundblom. The bright palettes, shiny-apple highlights, and unbeatable smiles were what Sundblom was best known for and I wanted to capture that look and style for this piece.

Have a Nuke!